Here I list the "record of the week" (often a few records), which I listen to repeatedly all week long while I work, letting the music seep deep into my mind, and painting my activities with a color that I will forever remember whenever I later recall each piece. I also post other thoughts on music here too.



Ian Hawgood: "Slow Films in Low Light"
Ian Hawgood: "The Great Allure"
Excellent post-drone, I'm trying more of him, and I'm in love with it. This colors everything with calm or allure or fantasy, a floor of heaven if it actually ever happens. A bit sleepy for study, maybe it's my medication which wears off, but it is this orchestral drone (so stars of the lid, but not as slow, less not-dense) which i notice abounding, percolating up, and though it all starts to sound similar, i'll never abandon its pursuit, never, not until i'm up to ask my question, the church's assay, the wine's abandon.

Adrian Belew: "The Lone Rhino"
Adrian Belew: "Desire Caught by the Tail"
Adrian Belew: "Inner Revolution"
Adrian Belew: "Mr. Music Head"
Adrian Belew: "Twang Bar King"
I am trying to catch up (and efficiently!) on all the alternative and et-cetera word-wielding song-singers trap-kit-trammellers that I once adored, but back when buying was the bottleneck, whose early work was never tread by me. I won't say much praise for Adrian Belew, he's popular enough that you should know. The lyrics are a bit easy but the sentiments are right on. And the singing inspires my idiosyncrasy (any warble can be beautiful), but it's actually the studio tricks and guitar edge-of-noise periphery that inspires me.

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