Here I list the "record of the week" (often a few records), which I listen to repeatedly all week long while I work, letting the music seep deep into my mind, and painting my activities with a color that I will forever remember whenever I later recall each piece. I also post other thoughts on music here too.



Vibracathedral Orchestra: "Smoke Song"
Vibracathedral Orchestra: "The Secret Base"
Vibracathedral Orchestra: "Joka Baya"
HELL YES, new VCO, I needed this. Every new piece by them is always better than the last. I suddenly realized I've been listening to them for almost ten years, they have colored so much of my consciousness, perhaps belong in my personal echelon. I feel like I need to give this to everyone as presents, I love it so much. I didn't want the week to end, and even considered a repeat for a second week.

Caribou: "Swim"
Dan Deacon: "Bromst"
High Places: "03.07-09.07"

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